Alfy Perera

Chairman of; property Рbuildings Рcontractors Рfood supplies Рfigures Рtransport РI am the leader of the organisation Рa father to the children and friend to the people here. There is always a lot to do at Home of Hope Рand with the Sri Lankan culture that requires a great deal of patience! Sharmini is often waiting for hours in the hospitals, courts of law or at school. Plus, it takes me a great deal to determine the correct contacts and write necessary contracts. Ultimately, our children are most important. We want to give every child good foundations so that they can stand strong on their own two feet in today’s society. We want to give our children life in all forms Рbody, spirit and mind. We ensure that they can develop all areas. They often arrive without any real roots and we teach them to be strong and to hold their own in any situation. I talk to them, offer advice, listen and answer questions. Many people come up with ideas for Home of Hope. I always ask them; would you want that for your own child? What would you do if it was your own child? We always treat the children as if they were our own, whom we wish the very best for them.