Rebecca Bijker

Rebecca Bijker, together with Alfy and Sharmini, form the board of directors at Home of Hope in Sri Lanka. She is also the founder of Are & Bee, the organisation that supports Home of Hope from the Netherlands. “After studying pedagogy and anthropology I decided to volunteer
in a Sri Lankan orphanage. The civil war had left many children in need of a home, including the child soldiers, who needed specific care. Thus the need for a new orphanage was desperate. Sharmini and Alfy were the dream couple willing to undertake such as project. In 2001, thanks to my parents and their financial support, Home of Hope became a reality. We were able to provide a home for five children!
On this website you can see how Home of Hope has developed over the years housing a staggering 260 children! It’s also a project that extends to the surrounding community – with its additional facilities. Much has changed over the past years. When Home of Hope began, I was still a student. Now I am mother to two fantastic boys! But one thing remains the same – my conviction – that every child deserves a safe home.