Sharmini Perera

Above all, I am the mother of the children, who wants them to grow up in a home full of love, trust and security. I always talk about a home, rather than an orphanage. We want to avoid labelling them in today’s society. Every child that arrives here is anxious. I give them a warm welcome and tell them simply that they have come from their home to our home. Their faces look happy again! Each child feels loved and safe with us. I want them to grow up realizing their self-worth, and with the perspective that they can shape their own lives. This is in fact one of our biggest challenges, as it often requires much persuasion to convince the children that a good education is essential for their future.

The matrons (house mothers) support me in the daily care for the children. But it’s clear that I have the mother role in their lives. If the children have concerns, they come to me. I make sure they have clean clothes, that fit, go to school meetings, take them to any hospital visits, encourage their talents, celebrate birthdays, give them cuddles, laugh and cry with them. I also find it important to maintain contact with the children, even when they can stand on their own two feet! I am so proud when they stop by to tell me how their lives are going. When it comes to their future, our older, independent children can really motivate the younger ones. In fact they always say; grab every opportunity you have here that will help develop your talents and skills. And it really happens! For that we are very grateful.