In Memoriam: Mary-Ann Kaarsgaren

On December 22nd we said goodbye to our dear friend Mary-Ann Kaarsgaren, during a very impressive ceremony. Mary-Ann was a board member of our foundation, but she was so much more than that!

The Kaarsgaren family has been involved with Home of Hope for over 10 years. Mary-Ann’s ideas became our goals, her inspirational words tell our story and her friends are now the pillars of our foundation. Hundreds of children are well taken care of and that is only possible with the support of many people. To connect a lot of people takes special skills, and Mary-Ann had those skills. She has definitely left her footprints on Home of Hope. With her strength and determination she was a solid rock that Alfy and Sharmini could build on and with her love for life she brought joy to every child that lives in Home of Hope.

Dear Mary-Ann, all the seeds of love that you have planted worldwide, keep on growing. We are going to miss you terribly!