Home of Hope is a children’s home situated in the middle of Sri Lanka, close to Kandy. What began in 2001 as a small home for five children, has now grown beyond expectation. Spread over 12.5 hectares, it is home to over one hundred children from both Tamil and Sinhalese descent.

Throughout the civil war and during the early days of Home of Hope, children were taken into care, to prevent army recruitment. Now the war is over, we look to protect children who would otherwise end up in jail – saving them from the abuse and violence experienced behind bars. The Home of Hope ‘village’ consists of several houses (dorms),  where small groups of children live under supervision.  Our aim is to create a loving, homely atmosphere, which resembles normal family life.

We are often faced with children who have experienced indescribable trauma in their short lives. They are scared and profoundly sad. Our goal is to teach them how to be a child again – cheerful and open.

Home of Hope is not a traditional orphanage. Our approach is characterized by loving guidance and a good education. We want the children to learn to stand on their own two feet and work towards a bright future. Simply being able to dream about what lies ahead is a success. So, until the time that dreams can come true, we offer a safe and permanent home.

During their stay at Home of Hope, the children maintain as much possible contact with their families of origin. Thus, when eventually leaving, the bridge has been gapped, making the return to their homeland easier. Home of Hope tries to prepare, as much as possible, all the children for an independent life outside the home.